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where design meets purpose, where every space is a reflection of individuality and functionality, and where accessibility is not just a feature but a fundamental principle.

Jerusalem Living Room Furniture
Core Values

Core Values

Tamar Harow at Construction Site


Homes and public spaces should be welcoming and accessible to all and is a key component to all ELEVATE designs and projects

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Designing and creating efficient ways for your space to work for you and your needs.

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Constant communication helps clients understand the work and flow of design, purchasing, renovation and construction

Design Sevices

Commercial & Residential Services

PrePurchase or Rental Consultation

ELEVATE Your Space

Knowing how to best utilize an existing space is a key component when looking for and choosing a home. An interior designer can provide a valuable point of view and understanding if and how the home you choose can best suit your needs. 

ELEVATE creates a custom furniture and design plan suited to your lifestyle and needs, and can shop with you to bring those plans to life. 

Before You Build

When purchasing a home 'on paper', there is more of an opportunity to make changes to the plans before the building process begins. ELEVATE works with you to create custom adjustments to architectural, kitchen, electric, lighting, plumbing, air-conditioning, flooring and tiling plans before any construction begins.  

Design Consultation

Sometimes all you need is to talk with an experienced professional to weigh your options before moving forward. Whether you are considering a specific problem or question - paint color, sofa style, room layout and more, or want to utilize what you already have in a new way, ELEVATE is available for consultations.

Contact us for more information about our services and what ELEVATE can offer.

Tamar was very easy and pleasant to work with. Her ideas were creative and suited our taste. She anticipated our needs and paid careful attention to details.  There was frequent communication through emails, photos and live videos. All aspects of the project were completed within our budget and within a timely manner.
Debbie B., New York


We turned to Tamar to consult on a property we liked but had several obstacles that we weren’t sure were solvable.


Tamar patiently walked through the home with us,

pointing out details we had missed as well as providing many solutions in a range of simple to more complex.
With Tamar’s guidance we felt confident to make the right decision.

-Dena R., Modiin Maccabim Reut

ברצוני לציין את איכות התכנון, העיצוב, וליווי הצמוד שניתן וכן את שיתוף הפעולה לאורך כל חיי התכנון והפרוייקט.
נשמח לעבוד עם תמר גם בפרוייקטים עתידיים שיתרחשו.

-אורן ג., ראש העין


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